Provided by Mr. Clean
  • The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Handy-Grip has built in cleansers to tackle bathroom jobs quickly and easily.  

    The reusable, easy grip handle and built-in soap scum eliminating cleaning pad cleans large bathroom surfaces and gets rid of tough soap scum residue easily.  Micro-scrubbers help you tackle everything from bathtubs, sinks, vanities, shower doors, walls and more. It takes your bathroom all the way from grimy to clean!

  • Easy To Use

    Works with water alone to clean away dirt and soap scum.
  • Clean the Whole Bathroom

    The reusable, easy grip handle makes cleaning large bathroom surfaces and tough soap scum residue a breeze. Its micro-scrubbers will help you tackle everything from bathtubs, sinks, vanities and shower doors, walls and more*, taking the bathroom from grimy to clean in no time!

    *Test small area with light pressure before use. Not recommended for the following surfaces: High gloss, polished dark, brushed, satin, Faux, bare/polished wood, copper, stainless steel, non-stick coating or vehicle body.

  • Try Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle

    This innovative liquid gel cleaner has 2.5x more power in every drop*. It penetrates dirt and lifts it away. The unique auto-stop dosing cap automatically stops the flow when you squeeze it into a bucket of water to ensure that less is wasted. Dilute this powerful multi-purpose cleaner in water or apply a small amount directly to a sponge or surface. Either way, it packs a lot muscle for such a small bottle, so less is more.

    *Based on cleaning ingredients vs. 40 oz Mr. Clean

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