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Xbox Guitar Hero® 5
Product Info
Guitar Hero® 5

Developer: Neversoft

Publisher: Activision

Guitar Hero® 5

Genre: Music

Release Date: 9/1/2009

Console: Xbox 360

T (Teen)
Game Rating: T (Teen)
Mild Lyrics
Mild Suggestive Themes
Online Interactions
Not Rated by the ESRB

Players: 1-4

Players Co-op: 1-4

Multiplayer Versus

In-game Dolby Digital

HDTV 1080p

Storage Device

Players: 2-8

Players Co-op: 1-4

Content Downloads

User Creatable Content


Online Tournaments

Voice Messaging

Voice Support


Living room legends will rock any way they want in Guitar Hero® 5 . The entire set list is at your fingertips from the start, featuring genre-defining hits from some of the biggest rock artists and bands of all time, including The Rolling Stones, The White Stripes, Kings of Leon, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Santana, and Vampire Weekend. Take complete control, personalize and customize how you experience music by choosing any in-game instrument combination —multiple vocalists, guitarists, bassists, and drummers, in any game mode. Elevating the Guitar Hero series to new heights with unmatched social gameplay, an enhanced style, new in-game artists, and more rock legends, Guitar Hero 5 features new surprises and challenges to fire up long-time fret board fanatics and create a new generation of enthusiasts.

  • Play as your Avatar: Import your Xbox 360 Avatar, choose your instrument, and play along with your personalized characters rocking out to any track on the epic 85-song set list. Mix and match your Avatars with Guitar Hero favorites like Judy Nails, Axel Steel, and Lars Ümlaüt.
  • Party Play mode: Jump in/jump out of songs at any time in the all-new Party Play mode.
  • Any instrument you choose: Shred with four guitars or any combination of instruments.
  • Play all your downloads: Import your Guitar Hero World Tour songs straight into Guitar Hero 5.
  • Create and share your own music: Compose your own songs or download thousands to expand your music library with GH™ Studio, GH™ Mix 2.0, and GH™ Jam.
  • Rockfest: New Rockfest mode tests your skills against four players locally, or up to eight players online in games like Momentum, Do-or-Die, Elimination, and Streakers.
  • Import songs: Play your Guitar Hero World Tour downloadable content in Guitar Hero 5. Import some on-disc songs from Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero Smash Hits straight into Guitar Hero 5.

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