Provided by Nintendo
Party Like Never Before!

Feel the thrill of a lucky roll, pat yourself on the back for using teamwork to topple a boss, or double-cross others at the last moment to win extra Mini Stars for yourself.  The Mario Party™ 9 game shakes up the formula by introducing boss battles and other new features that blend cooperative and competitive action.  You must work together with other players towards a common goal, but along the way prove that you’ve performed the best and done the most to lead the party to victory.  Traveling together in vehicles streamlines gameplay, making sure no players are left behind and keeping you engaged in the on-screen action regardless of whose turn it is.  Everyone travels together in Mario Party 9, so whether you prefer to play nice or scheme against others, one thing’s for certain – you’re all in this party together!


ESRB Rating (E)


Mild Cartoon Violence

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