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OLD ENGLISH Scratch Cover for Dark Wood (8 Ounces)

  • For Wood, Old and New

    Old English wood furniture solutions ensure your old wood looks new, and your new wood gets old. In other words, Old English cleaner, polish and Scratch Cover have been specially formulated to shine and protect wood surfaces, as well as preserve them. With over a century of trusted use in both modern and historic homes, Old English is the smart choice when it comes to the beauty of your wood. Plus, its soothing lemon and almond scents add to the warmth that wood brings to your home.
  • Show Some Love

    For a clean and beautiful shine that everybody loves to see in wood furniture, give your wood a little something special. Old English wood polish is conveniently offered in spray and oil formulas. Choose the spray when you want to cover large areas like desks, tables and floors. Opt for Old English Lemon Oil in the bottle when smaller surface areas need just a localized treatment, or when wood can benefit from a replenishing coat of mineral oil. Dust, clean, condition and protect your wood from moisture, stains and scratches.
  • Give a Little Tender Loving Care

    If you’re new to Old English or you forgot to polish and protect your wood, never fear. Old English Scratch Cover has you - and your wood! - covered. This can be especially reassuring when you’ve got abrasive chairs, claws and fingernails doing their worst. Simply identify your stain, Light Woods or Dark Woods, and apply to cabinets, furniture, paneling and floors to hide unsightly nicks and scratches. If you’ve got wood damage, you need Old English Scratch Cover to bring out the natural beauty of your wood surfaces.
  • Hides Unsightly Scratches

    Got scratches and nicks in visible places on your cabinets, floors, tables and chairs? You’re not alone. And while your guests probably won’t judge you to your face, they also won’t enjoy a sliver or scrape from the roughed up wood in your home. Old English Scratch Cover adds a layer of nourishing oil that hides and conditions surface nicks in wood. This means not only do you see pristine, shiny wood once more, but you also spare friends and family from skin scratches, clothing snags and damaged wood eyesores.
  • Creates A Protective Shield

    Not only do you need to add the restoring touch of Old English to your wood for beauty now, but you also need to preserve the beauty of your wood for the future. Wood brings lasting warmth, function and style to your kitchen, office and living spaces. Treat it with Old English Scratch Cover to add a protective shield that makes wood practically impenetrable by dirt and moisture. The Dark Woods and Light Woods hues adapt to finishes on maple, birch, pine, oak and every other lasting wood surface you love.
  • Forgive Your Pets

    Dogs and cats are notorious wood scratchers! Cats sharpen their claws on furniture, while dogs scratch floors when they run about. But this doesn’t mean you have to lose your pets…or your wood furniture and floors. Instead, choose Old English Scratch Cover in Light Woods or Dark Woods and apply to areas that need surface blemishes camouflaged and conditioned. It works so well that you won’t wince when pet scratches happen again. 

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