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OLD ENGLISH Scratch Cover for Dark Wood (8 Ounces)
  • In a Nutshell

    • Visually conceals everyday injuries in your furniture
    • Restores wood's natural luster
    • Use for small scratches in dark woods like walnut and cherry
    • Trusted for more than a century
  • Improve Your Furniture's Appearance

    All wood is susceptible to damage from our home environments. Even during normal use, there's danger of scratching and abrasion. OLD ENGLISH Scratch Cover can visually repair everyday injuries in your wood's finish, giving your furniture a fresh appearance. While it does cover superficial scratches, this product will not fill in deep gashes.

    Bring Out Your Wood's Original Beauty

    In addition to concealing nicks, this scratch cover can bring out your furniture's original luster. Apply scratch cover to your furniture's nicks and scrapes to restore a more uniform appearance to your wood.

    Easy to Use

    To use, lightly moisten a dry cloth with OLD ENGLISH Scratch Cover and apply gently to the damaged area. Allow the wood to absorb the liquid, then buff to a shine. Be careful to avoid staining nearby cloth like carpet or clothing.

    Designed for Dark Woods

    This OLD ENGLISH Scratch Cover has been specially formulated to work on dark woods, including mahogany, cherry, and walnut. If you are unsure whether this dark formula will work with the color of your wood, begin by applying a small dab to a discreet part of your furniture. Should the appearance not match, OLD ENGLISH Lemon Oil can lighten the scratch cover's hue.

    Trusted Wood Care for Over 100 Years

    For more than a century, OLD ENGLISH has been a trusted expert in caring for wood furniture and decor. Go beyond cleaning to nourish and help protect your furniture from everyday wear and tear with products that bring out the beauty of your wood.

    Package Contents

    OLD ENGLISH Scratch Cover for dark wood (8 Ounces).
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