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Oral-B FlossAction Replacement Electric Toothbrush Head 5 Count
  • Discover The Oral-B Difference

    Choosing the right toothbrush can make a difference for the health of your whole mouth. That’s why Oral-B, a worldwide leader in toothbrushes, offers a variety of electric toothbrush heads to fit your specific needs. So make the right choice and choose Oral-B, the #1 dentist recommended and used toothbrush brand, worldwide (data on file).
  • 3D Action for Tooth-by-Tooth Cleaning

    Each Oral-B toothbrush head’s design is inspired by professional dental tools. The Floss Action toothbrush head has MicroPulse Bristles to clean deep between teeth for outstanding plaque removal. While it does not replace flossing, it does provide a floss-like clean, as well as a superior whole-mouth clean compared to a regular manual toothbrush. The Floss Action head works with unique Oral-B technology that oscillates, rotates and pulsates, allowing the bristles to surround each tooth for an amazing, tooth-by-tooth clean.
  • MicroPulse Bristles Reach Deep for a Floss-Like Clean*

    As one of Oral-B’s premium replacement toothbrush heads, the Floss Action toothbrush head provides a superior, comprehensive clean vs. a regular manual toothbrush. Its bristles clean tooth surfaces while specially designed MicroPulse Bristles reach and clean deep between teeth for outstanding plaque removal.

    *does not replace flossing

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  • Change Your Brush Head Every 3 Months

    Dentists recommend replacing your brush every 3-4 months (or sooner if bristles are worn). Change your Oral-B head every 3 months to maintain a superior level of cleaning.
  • Know When to Replace

    Indicator Bristles fade halfway as a sign to replace your toothbrush head for a better clean (about every 3 months).
  • Customize Your Clean

    Oral-B offers a variety of brush heads to fit your personal oral health needs.

    -Precision Clean
    -Dual Clean
    -Power Tip
    -Floss Action
    -Deep Sweep
  • Find Your Perfect Oral-B Power Toothbrush Head

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