Provided by Philips Norelco
Philips Norelco BodyGroom Pro, BG2040/34
  • Skin-friendly performance

    Adapts to the surface of your body for a precise shave
    The skin contour system catches and cut hairs of different lengths, without the need for multiple tools or skin contact with sharp edges. The bi-directional trimmers cut longer hairs, which are shaved by the foil for a closer result. The added flexibility of the contour system follows every angle and surface of your body for precisely the look you want.
  • Rounded tips and hypoallergenic foil for skin comfort
    The skin comfort system features a hypo-allergenic foil and rounded tips to protect your skin while shaving.
  • Includes adjustable comb, trims hair from 1/8"- 7/16"
    The integrated trimmer and adjustable comb with 5 length settings is designed to offer more power to cut even the thickest hair. To maintain your desired hair length or get a natural look, adjust the comb to a length between 3-11mm (1/8"- 7/16"). You can use the shaving system on the other side, for a closer result.
  • Easy to use

    50 minutes cordless use after a 1-hour charge
    High-power NiMH battery for full body use, with 50 minutes of cordless use after a 1-hour charge. The battery light indicates power status, when the battery is low or full.
  • Easy to clean and use in or out of the shower
    Provides a comfortable and close result in or out of the shower. The body groomer is 100% water-resistant, so you can simply rinse it clean when you've finished. For longer hair, trimming performance may be better on dry hair.
  • Ergonomic grip for maximum control
    The rubber grip is designed to ensure optimal handling even when wet, for better control during use, in or out of the shower.
  • Built to last

    2 year warranty, worldwide voltage, no oil needed
    All of our grooming products are built to last. They come with a 2 year worldwide warranty, worldwide voltage compatibility, and they never need to be oiled.
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