Provided by Philips Avent
Philips Avent Twin electronic breast pump SCF304/02
  • Designed for comfort

    Inspired by nature
    The Philips AVENT ISIS iQ DUO Twin Electronic Breast Pump DUO is the first breast pump with an iQ – an electric memory that learns from you. ISIS iQ DUO is the only double electric breast pump that gives you precise comfort and infinite control, so pumping always feels exactly right. You begin by manually pumping, then DUO learns and automates your personal pumping rhythm. DUO does all the work, yet it feels exactly like your gentle touch. The soft patented Let-down Massage Cushion gently stimulates the area around your breast, working quickly and naturally. This petal massage is combined with a hospital-grade vacuum to make pumping easy and efficient. You enjoy infinite speed and suction control, yet you can instantly find what feels best. A single button controls the entire pump and its right where you need it: at your fingertips, close to the breast. DUO is ultra quiet, ultra comfortable and features a sleek, stylish bag that holds all you need to pump and store milk. DUO works with the Philips AVENT Natural Feeding system, so you can express and store milk using any AVENT bottle or cup. This Philips AVENT breast pump is BPA-free.
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