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Q-Tips Cotton Swabs, 375 Swabs
  • 100-percent Pure Cotton Swabs for Multiple Uses

    Q-Tips cotton swabs are made with 100-percent pure cotton and contain more cotton at the tip1  than any other swab. These swabs are soft and gentle for a variety of uses including cleaning, beauty, arts and crafts, baby care, and pet care.

    A Trusted Tool for Home, Beauty, and More

    Q-tips cotton swabs are among America’s most versatile home and beauty tool. As a leading cotton swab brand, Q-Tips have been trusted for superior quality and value for more than 80 years.

    Re-define your beauty routine with soft and affordable Q-tips cotton swabs.
  • Tip 1: A Quick Fix for Eye Shadow Creases

    Smooth eye shadow creases on the lids with Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips cotton swabs.

    Tip 2: Highlight Brows and Cheekbones

    Highlight and brighten cheekbones and eyes by applying a natural shade of shimmer powder using Q-tips cotton swabs to the upper brow area and apple of the cheekbone.
  • Tip 3: Keep Your Perfect Pout in Place

    Keep lip color from bleeding by using Q-tips cotton swabs to apply loose translucent powder along the outer edge of the lips.

    Offering endless ways to clean your home, Q-Tips cotton swabs help you clean down to the last detail.

    Tip 1: Precision Cleaning for Tiny Spaces

    Let no speck of dust, grease, or grime go unnoticed with Q-tips cotton swabs and new Q-tips Precision Tips cotton swabs. They're the perfect size for expertly cleaning tiny spaces.

    Tip 2: Keep your Cosmetics Bag as Pretty as Your Makeup

    Leave a few Q-tips cotton swabs at the bottom of your bag to collect shadow and powder that ends up in the corners and on the bottom. You'll notice a major difference.

    Tip 3: Detailing Car Consoles

    Use Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips cotton swabs to detail the crevices of your car's console.

    Made with 100-percent pure cotton, Q-tips cotton swabs are a versatile arts and crafts tool for kids and adults.

    Tip 1: Paintbrushes you don't have to clean

    Q-tips cotton swabs make a great paintbrush for children's small hands. For the brightest pictures and the easiest clean-up, use a different swab for every color.

    Tip 2: Extra Glue for Arts and Crafts

    Q-tips cotton swabs are great for applying glue to models and arts and crafts projects. Use one tip to apply the glue and another to remove excess glue before it dries.

    Tip 3: Easy Touch-ups with Fresh Paint

    Q-tips cotton swabs and Q-tips Precision Tips cotton swabs are ideal for touching up hard-to-reach areas on freshly painted model airplanes, cars, or even dollhouses.
  • Package Contents

    Q-Tips Cotton Swabs, 375 Swabs.

  1. 1 From the end of the stick to the top of the swab.
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