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Q-Tips Cotton Swabs, 375 Swabs
  • Q-tips Cotton Swabs

    Q-tips Cotton Swabs are ideal for a multitude of applications, from putting on makeup, to caring for babies and pets, to cleaning electronics, to crafting art projects. Q-tips are made of 100% cotton tips and flexible paper sticks, and they have the most soft cotton at the tip, from the end of the stick to the top of the swab. Light and portable, these cotton swabs can go just about anywhere you do. With numerous uses in and out of the home, Q-tips Cotton Swabs are a versatile staple of everyday life.

    What’s in the Box:

    • Q-tips Cotton Swabs, 375 Count.
  • Cotton Swabs

    • Soft 100% cotton tips
    • Flexible paper sticks
    • Numerous uses for body and home
    • Compostable and biodegradable
  • Versatile Beauty and Personal Care Tool

    Q-tips Cotton Swabs are a versatile beauty and personal care tool. Use them to apply your favorite lip gloss or touch up your eyeliner before a night out, or use them to perform professional-quality manicures and pedicures at home. Q-tips Cotton Swabs are also ideal for gently applying creams and ointments to only those areas that need covering.
  • Baby and Pet Care

    Soft and small, Q-tips Cotton Swabs are well suited for use on babies and pets. Using these swabs, you can access those tiny spaces between your baby's toes for a complete clean or gently apply salves to hard-to-reach affected areas. Bring comfort and cleanliness to your cat or dog by using Q-tips Cotton Swabs to address delicate areas.
  • Numerous Uses Around the Home

    From maintaining electronics to cleaning jewelry, Q-tips Cotton Swabs have many uses around the home. The flexible paper sticks make cleaning the crevices in your computer keyboard and device ports possible, and the compact size of the swabs is great for unclogging bottle tops and wiping dust from small vents. The soft tips of Q-tips Cotton Swabs enable you to clean jewelry or collectibles without fear of damaging your valuables.
  • Great for Creativity and Play

    Get creative with Q-tips Cotton Swabs. Use these swabs to apply glue while constructing models, or dip the tips in acrylic paint to brush out a colorful work of art. The sturdy paper sticks of these cotton swabs can be glued together in different shapes to create 3-D masterpieces.
  • About Q-tips: The "Q" Stands for Quality

    The Q-tips brand is proud of its history, commitment to the environment, and legacy of softness and quality. Q-tips products are sourced from sustainable forests, tested carefully, and biodegradable.
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