Provided by Samsung
Samsung Refined Sound, EHS71
  • Key Features

    The Samsung EHS71 Refined Sound Earbuds offer you great sound quality while providing superior noise isolation. You will not have to worry about hearing the outside world while listening to your favorite hit, or during that important phone call. The headphones have aircraft aluminum speaker enclosures to help give you the best sound. The earphones have a high-performance balanced armature driver as well. This produces accurate and clear natural vocals, detailed highs, and deep powerful bass without distortion. One of the most useful features is that it sports a built-in microphone so it can serve as a headset for phone calls. The in-line microphone is located on the cord and has an answer key to make talking on your phone that much easier. It is universally compatible with a 3.5mm jack.
  • Designed For You

    The soft silicone ear cushions make leaving them in your ear for extended periods of time comfortable. It also has a tangle-resistant cord that prevents it from bunching up and getting twisted. Since the headphones also work as your phones headset, it is convenient that you can now make calls hands free. Just stick your phone in your pocket and use the handy answer key or in-line microphone while talking. No more knotted up headphones, just a perfect cord.
  • At A Glance

    • Great quality sound
    • Superior noise isolation earbuds
    • Aircraft aluminum speaker enclosures
    • High-performance balanced armature driver produces accurate and clear natural vocals, detailed highs and deep powerful bass without distortion
    • Soft silicone ear cushions in all three sizes. (small, medium, and large)
    • Make and receive phone calls using the in-line microphone and answer key
    • Universally compatible with 3.5mm jack
    • Tangle-resistant cord
    • Comes with a soft protective leather carrying case
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