Provided by Special K
Looking for a snack that won’t throw your afternoon off track? Try Special K® Sea Salt Cracker Chips. Each cracker chip is light in texture, crispy, and perfectly seasoned with a touch of sea salt. There's nothing quite like a sweet and salty craving. Any snack with one and not the other just isn't going to cut it. It's time to try a snack with some pop. Special K® Multi-Grain Crackers are made with whole grains like oats and just a touch of honey. AND 24 yummy, crunchy, multigrain crackers are 120 calories. So you can snack and still stay on track (which makes for one happily ever afternoon).
Chips/calories per serving 30 chips/110 calories 28 chips/120 calories 24 chips/120 calories
Total fat 25 g 25 g 3 g
Fiber 3 g Less than 1 g 3 g
Whole grain 10 g
Flavors Sour Cream & Onion, Honey Barbecue, Cheddar, Chili Lime, Southwest Ranch White Cheddar, Butter, Sea Salt Multigrain
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