Provided by SpinMaster
Air Hogs Heli Cage (20051503)
  • Removable Protective Cage

    The unstoppable Air Hogs Heli Cage is surrounded by a crash-resistant protective ring shield system. Pilots are able to crash and bash into walls and objects and keep on flying! It’s the unstoppable crashable helicopter! If you want to fly it normally, the protective ring shield system can easily be removed for advanced RC pilots!
  • Self-Righting Technology

    The protective ring shield system is designed with self-righting functionality. In the case that an extreme crash causes the helicopter to lose altitude and fall, the Heli Cage will land right side up enabling you to continue flying right away! It’s the ultimate tool to ensure you fly instantly after a crash!
  • Great For Beginner Pilots

    The Air Hogs Heli Cage has 5 directional control for easy-to-learn indoor maneuvers. It’s smooth flying ability in combination with the protective ring shield system makes the Heli Cage the ideal gift for both beginner and advanced pilots! You can be as gentle or as aggressive as you want with the indestructible Heli Cage!
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