Provided by SpinMaster
Air Hogs Hover Assault (20037626)
  • The Ultimate Hybrid RC

    The Hover Assault is the ultimate fusion of ground and air RC technology! With Dual-Rotor flight capability and heavy-duty off-road tires, the Hover Assault explores terrain that no other RC vehicle can! It’s the ultimate ground and air hybrid RC!
  • Intelligent Propeller System

    The Hover Assault’s intelligent propeller system possesses Steady-Fly Technology that auto-adjusts the rotor rotation, resulting in superior flight stability. The Dual Rotors are capable of quick bursts for hopping over objects in your path or launching into full on helicopter flight!
  • Remote Missile Launching

    Head into battle with the ultimate ground and air attack machine! The Hover Assault holds an arsenal of 4 missiles giving you the ability to drive, jump, fly and shoot! Fire them with the push of a button from your remote control. Only the Hover Assault delivers the extreme tactical advantage of ground and air assault!
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