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Air Hogs GyroBlade (20058097)
  • High-Performance R/C Helicopter

    The Air Hogs GyroBlade is a high-performance R/C helicopter! Incredible speed combined with gyro-stabilization deliver exceptional performance and handling for the most demanding pilots! It’s a metal reinforced crash-resistant heli that takes R/C flight to the next level!

    Metal Reinforced Body

    The GyroBlade is constructed with durable metal siding resulting in an incredibly strong and impact resistant frame. The high-composite body effectively absorbs impacts that can occur during emergency crash landings. It’s a helicopter designed for performance right down to the last detail!
  • Gyro Stabilization

    Gyroscopic Stabilization prevents the GyroBlade from unnecessary spinning delivering easy and stable in-flight control. This allows pilots to focus on more aggressive maneuvers that would otherwise be impossible without the gyro stabilization. Experience the quick and responsive flight that only the GyroBlade can deliver!
  • Graduated Helicopter

    The Air Hogs GyroBlade is best suited for R/C pilots who have experience in flying helicopters. The intuitive controls are easy to learn but take time to master. With 6-directional control, the GyroBlade gives the pilot absolute freedom to maneuver around obstacles. It’s high-quality control delivers exceptional performance that can bring thrills to any graduated pilot.
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