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  • All-In-One Cake Pop Maker!

    The Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker is the easiest way to create incredibly delicious Cake Pops! Inside you’ll discover everything you need for creating a wide variety of mouth-watering Cake Pops! From mixing bowls, to spatulas the Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker delivers all the necessary tools for kids to easily create their favorite flavors of Cake Pops!
  • No Baking Required

    It’s easy and safe to make delicious Cake Pop Treats! There’s no baking required! Simply mix the Cake Pop mix with water, fill up the Cake Pop molds and then place them in the fridge. In just 15 minutes you will have fully formed Cake Pops ready for decoration! It’s that easy!

    Decorate Your Treats

    The Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker comes with multiple decorations for creating delicious and unique Cake Pops! Choose between chocolate or vanilla icing and then add rainbow, blue or pink sprinkles! The included stencils and tags help you design incredible looking Cake Pops and makes each one incredibly unique!
  • Delicious Cake Pops

    After creating your delicious Cake Pops, it’s time to eat! Enjoy every tasty bite as you explore all the flavors and decorations available inside the Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker! Yum! Absolutely delicious!
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