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Monsters University Roll A Scare Play Set (20054824)
  • Welcome To The Scare Games!

    Welcome to the Monsters University annual Scare Games! Inside the Roll-A-Scare Play Set you'll discover an exclusive Sulley Roll-A-Scare Character. Want to be an A+ Monster? Try helping Sulley make it through the ultimate Toxic Race obstacle course!
  • Race Solo or Against a Friend!

    Ready, set, go! The Roll-A-Scare Play Set comes with two racing lanes for the ultimate Scare Games showdown. Place any Roll-A-Scare figure on the starting line and let the race begin!
  • Beware: Sea Urchins!

    Watch out! Sea Urchins! The Sea Urchin tunnel can stop you dead in your tracks. Roll-A-Scare figures who get stuck will magnetically spring open and lose the race. Try to squeeze through the tunnel without getting stuck and win the Scare Games!
  • Win The Scare Games!

    Be the first one to roll across the "monsterized" finish line and you'll pop open for a montrous victory! Roll, Pop and win the Monsters Unveristy Scare Games with the non-stop action of the Roll-A-Scare Play Set!
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