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Monsters University My Scare Pal Sulley (20054930)
  • Meet Your Scare Pal Sulley!

    My Scare Pal Sulley is the friend you’ve been looking for! He’s happy to meet you and can’t wait to show you everything he can do! Made of soft materials, Sulley is great to cuddle up to, but even more fun to play with! Want to find out what he can do?
  • Squeeze Me & I'll Growl!

    That’s right, you heard him! Sulley loves to growl and will give different growls depending on where you squeeze him! With 2 activation points in his belly, you can squeeze Sulley on the right or left side to make him growl. But if you’re in the mood for a MONSTER GROWL, then squeeze with both hands for a truly loud growl!
  • Shake To Play With Me 3 Different Ways!

    Sulley loves to play and has 3 unique interaction modes:
    • Tickle Mode - Sulley is definitely ticklish and won't be able to stop laughing!
    • Scare Mode - Sulley has natural scaring talent! He'll teach you the tricks of the trade!
    • Sleep Time Mode - After a long day of scaring, Sulley needs his rest!

    All you need to do is give Sulley a shake to cycle between modes and get ready to have some interactive fun!
  • Oh, Look! There's Mike!

    These two friends are inseperable and My Scare Pal Mike is exactly like Sulley! Well, except a little funnier! Get all the interactive laughs and fun of My Scare Pal Sulley with My Scare Pal Mike! Give his limbs a pull or poke him in the eye, Mike is full of hilarious lines from Monsters University.
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