Provided by SpinMaster
  • 2-in-1 Role Playing Shield

    • Kids can recreate their favorite scenes from Dreamworks Dragons: Defenders of Berk with this 2-in-1 transforming Shield!
    • Protect against dragons breath, tail whips, spikes, wing clips and more!
    • The Shield is designed with a custom dragon emblem from Berk!
  • Quick Transformation: Shield to Crossbow

    • Quickly switch from defense to offense with the hidden Shield Crossbow!
    • At the flip of a switch the shield will transform into a Crossbow
    • A single crossbow arrow is secretly stored on the backside of the shield.
  • Steady, Aim, Fire!

    • Hook the hidden arrow into the crossbows drawstring and take aim!
    • The further kids pull back, the farther the arrow will travel.
    • After the arrow is fired, the shield can be easily transformed back to its original state.
  • What’s in the Box

    • Comes with 1 transforming shield, 1 crossbow arrow and an exclusive map detailing the Isle of Berk!
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