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  • Name That Brand

    How much do you know about the brands you see and use every day? From famous cars to candy bars, Logo tests players’ knowledge about popular brands, products, and slogans. Packed with brand logos, pictures, and tons of fascinating trivia, Logo is everyone’s brand of fun! For 2 to 6 players, ages 12 and up.
  • Test Your Knowledge

    Players make their way around the game board, answering questions and moving forward towards the Winning Zone. Questions come from three different card categories. Picture cards have questions that relate to actual brand logos and product images. Theme cards have questions that share a common theme and Potluck cards are full of general knowledge questions that could be about any brand.
  • How To Play

    Each time a player gets a question right, they move forward on the board and get a new question card. If a player answers wrong, the other players have a chance to answer correctly and steal the turn. When a player reaches the Winning Zone, they have to answer either two consecutive questions or one more-difficult Red question to win.

    What’s Inside

    The Logo board game includes 400 cards with over 1600 questions, 6 movers, a game board, and instructions.
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