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Battle of the Sexes (20054276)
  • You'll never understand them, so you might as well defeat them in Battle of the Sexes! This hilarious adult trivia game pits men vs the woman in the ultimate showdown! Packed with pictures, trivia, and ridiculous challenges, this game is a must have for any sized group or gathering - whether it's a party, game night or just a couples' night in. Made for 4 or more players in teams ages 12+
  • The Ultimate Showdown between Men vs Women!

    Competition has never been so much fun! The aim of the game is to test your knowledge (or what you think you know) of the opposite sex through a series of gender-based trivia questions. Does she know which football player snaps the ball? Could he tell you which wand to use when applying blush? Battle of the Sexes is packed with 800 questions or actions divided into five outrageous card categories for five times the fun! For every question your team answers correctly, a trophy is moved closer to your team's Winner's Circle.
  • Outwit, Outsmart, Outplay Your Opponents

    To spice things up, each team can use Challenge Tokens that can either propel you to an easy victory, or send you catapulting backwards. If your team doesn't know the answer to a question, but you think the other team doesn’t know the answer either, you can throw the question back at them by playing one of your challenge tokens. If they answer incorrectly, move the trophy towards your side of the board. If they answer correctly, move the trophy towards their side of the board. Each team only has 3 Challenge Tokens - make sure you use them wisely!
  • Claim Victory!

    Successfully earn three trophies and lead your team to victory! Battle of the Sexes is the outrageously fun way to finally answer the question: Which sex is superior, Male or Female? Battle of the Sexes is packed with 880 questions or actions divided into five outrageous card categories for five times the fun!
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