Provided by Tide
  • When your washing machine smells, so do your clothes and laundry room. Tide Washing Machine Cleaner’s unique oxygenated formula helps remove odor-causing residues that build up on the surface of your washer over time. Unlike bleach, vinegar and baking soda, Tide Washing Machine Cleaner penetrates & lifts away odor-causing residues at their source. HE washers today use less water than traditional washers, which can lead to residues from laundry soils, detergents and hard-water minerals being left behind in areas you can’t see.

    For proper care of your machine, use Tide Washing Machine Cleaner once a month to help keep odor-causing residues from causing future odor problems. If your washer already experiences odor issues, use Tide Washing Machine Cleaner once a week for the first three weeks and once a month afterward. Clean clothes start with a clean machine. Happy cleaning!

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