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  • At A Glance

    • With 6x more clean*. It’s got to be Tide.
    • 3-in-1 laundry pacs: detergent, stain remover, brightener.
    • 1 pac for small/medium loads, 2 pacs for large loads and 3 pacs for extra large loads.
    • Tide PODS laundry pacs dissolve quickly in hot & cold.
    • Tide PODS Ocean Mist is specially formulated with HE Turbo technology that contains quick collapsing suds and targets tough stains.
    • Designed for all regular and HE washers.
    • Like any household detergent, keep away from children.

    *Based on stain removal performance of 1 pac of Tide PODS vs. 6 doses of the leading liquid bargain brand base variant in a standard top loading machine.

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