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Tide Coldwater 2X Ultra Liquid Laundry Detergent Fresh Scent, 150 fl oz
  • Q. Is this product good for whites as well as colors?
    A. Yes, Tide Coldwater Clean can be used with both whites and colors; however, as with traditional laundry, sorting by color is highly recommended prior to cleaning, as some garments may bleed even in cold water conditions.

    Q. Can I use this product on my delicates?
    A. Yes, Tide Coldwater Clean can be used on any garments that are considered machine washable. Some garments can be more susceptible to color loss and bleeding, and as with all detergents, it is recommended that a small hidden area of the garment be tested for colorfastness if there is concern.

    Q. What happens if I use warm water by mistake?
    A. Tide Coldwater Clean can also be used in warm and hot water washes.

    Q. Do I need to dilute Tide Coldwater Clean before I use it?
    A. No, you do not need to dilute Tide Coldwater Clean prior to use. Simply follow the usage instructions on the packaging and fill the cap of Tide Coldwater Clean to the appropriate line and pour it.

  • Dosing Directions

    For medium loads, fill to bar 2.
    For large loads, fill to bar 4.
    For HE full loads, fill to bar 5.
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