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  • Deliver a healthy dose of moisture and nourishment to your hair every time you treat it with TRESemmé Moisture Rich Conditioner. This conditioner, infused with vitamin E, delivers a salon-healthy look and enviable shine.. While you massage your hair, it targets dryness and locks in moisture to restore vibrancy and give your hair a natural luster.
  • Features of TRESemmé Moisture Rich Conditioner

    • Infused with vitamin E
    • Revives dry and damaged hair
    • Suitable for over-processed hair
    • Lightweight formula will not weigh down hair

    Damaged Hair Craves a Moisturizing Conditioner

    Give your hair a fighting chance to be touchably soft and salon-healthy with TRESemmé Moisture Rich Conditioner. The lightweight formula targets dryness and locks in moisture to deliver optimized hydration where your hair needs it most. Use this hydrating conditioner daily to restore dry and damaged hair from heat styling tools and over-processed hair from chemical treatments. You will notice that this conditioner gives hair beautiful shine.  This conditioner is also recommended if you have straight or curly hair.

    How to Use this Hair Conditioner

    1. Start with TRESemmé Moisture Rich Shampoo.
    2. First apply an adequate amount from mid-shaft to ends. Work anything that's left through roots.
    3. Run a wide-tooth comb or your fingers from roots to ends to detangle and fully coat hair.
    4. Leave on 2–3 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Finish with your favorite TRESemmé styling aids as needed. 

    Reviews for TRESemmé Moisture Rich Conditioner

    You can do more for your hair than just condition it. Nourish each strand to replenish the qualities that make your hair soft and healthy-looking. Customers with different kinds of hair are noticing the TRESemmé difference after using this hydrating conditioner.

    "AMAZING! This stuff is WONDERFUL! I brought it with me to the beach even though I never tried it (it was my moms old shampoo/conditioner) and it was AMAZING! It made my gross beach hair look like i just came out of the salon! I am definitely going to repurchase this product." – Crocs4lyfe

    "Amazing!!! I used this product and within a week, my hair was so soft. I used the shampoo that goes along with the set. My hair holds the moisture well. It makes my hair smooth and easy to straight iron or curl. Even after using the product for nearly a year, I am still satisfied with my hair texture. I noticed that I received the biggest results when I left it in my hair for 2–3 minutes before washing it out." – BrittyKate

    "Perfect for Curly Dry Hair! Ok so this is my new favorite conditioner! I've tried WEN which is ok, but over priced and in no way as moisturizing as this! The bottle is huge! Ok so a little info about my hair type! I'm a 3c and my hair tends to be on the drier side with a lot of shrinkage. I also have serious issues when trying to brush out my hair. I know people say don't brush your hair when its wet, but those people obviously don't have curly hair! I brush my hair in the shower using this conditioner and it's amazing! Makes my hair super slippery and soft so i'm not pulling out a lot of hair! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with curly dry hair!" – Curlylizzy 

    A Complete Hair Hydration System

    The TRESemmé Moisture Rich shampoo and conditioner system works together to banish brittleness for softer, healthier-looking hair. The advanced moisturizing system is light enough for daily use and still locks in moisture to deliver optimal hydration. Experience hair with enviable shine with this vitamin E infused shampoo and conditioner system. You’ll love how your hair looks and feels from the root to the tip.
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