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  • In a Nutshell

    • Recommended for dark clothing to protect intense, vivid color
    • Removes everyday dirt from all types of fabric
    • Specially formulated to prevent damage to clothing fibers
    • Can be used with all wash cycles and temperatures
    • Designed for use in both regular and high-efficiency machines
  • Thorough Wash and Gentle Care for All Fabrics

    Whether it's your favorite jeans or your little black dress, the EXTRA DARK CARE DUAL Formula is ideal for removing everyday dirt and stains from all your darks. It won't cause shrinking and shape loss of sensitive fabrics like wool, silk, and cotton. Designed for use in both regular and high-efficiency washing machines, the detergent works for all wash cycles and temperatures so you can easily follow the cleaning and care instructions on clothes labels. (Tip: wash new clothing separately the first time.)

    Extra Color Protection for Dark Fabrics

    The WOOLITE EXTRA DARK CARE DUAL Formula offers a gentle, effective detergent that protects dark colors from fading during the wash. Dark fabrics will keep their original intense color and stay vivid for a longer period of time. The liquid detergent is easy to measure and does not leave any powdery residue.

    No Harsh Chemicals for Longer-Lasting Clothes

    Specifically formulated without harsh, abrasive chemicals, the EXTRA DARK CARE DUAL Formula cleans the delicate fibers of your clothing. Since it is difficult to restore faded colors and damaged fabrics, it is important to use it every time you wash your clothes. You can turn your clothing inside out before tossing it in the washing machine to prevent snags and protect from rubbing against machine walls.

    About WOOLITE: Special Care for All Fabrics

    WOOLITE continues to provide gentle, effective solutions for keeping your clothes looking bright and new with each wash. From undergarments to athletic wear and jeans to blouses, the WOOLITE family of products makes it easy to wash practically every item in your closet. Bottles are made from recycled materials whenever possible. WOOLITE detergents are effective in cold water, saving money and energy while keeping your clothes fresh and clean.

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