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LINKSYS LGS528 28-Port Business Managed Gigabit Switch
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  • Advanced Network Management Capabilities

    The Linksys LGS528 28-Port Business Managed Gigabit Switch offers advanced network management features so your network can operate more effectively. Layer 2 Switching and Layer 3 Static routing provide the best paths between different network segments like your router, the cloud, and your office, to efficiently deliver data with no performance degradation. Linksys 500 Series Switches manage internal routing with your router, dedicating fixed paths to external traffic and security for optimized efficiency.

  • Quality of Service and Intelligent Traffic Prioritization

    Essential to delivering consistent and reliable communications over your network, QoS (Quality of Service) traffic prioritization ensures that the most important data for your business always receives top priority. The Linksys LGS528 28-Port Business Managed Gigabit Switch offers numerous QoS features to ensure traffic is prioritized properly to deliver the best possible user experience for real-time applications. Advanced features like Layer 2 MAC, Layer 3 IP Flow-based Policies, and Rate Limiting Control intelligently prioritize your traffic, offering an ideal solution to manage and control real-time, high-bandwidth, voice, and video traffic without slowing down your other business applications.

  • Safeguard Your Business with Advanced Network Security

    Protecting your network and data from unauthorized access is a constant concern for businesses. The LGS528 28-Port Business Managed Gigabit Switch helps secure networks through IEEE 802.1X port security and MAC-based port security, requiring clients to authenticate themselves before any data is passed. Extensive Access Control Lists (ACLs) control and block sensitive portions of the network from external network attacks and from unauthorized users. To further safeguard network integrity and help prevent network attacks, DCHP snooping and IP-MAC binding functions ensure that only clients with specific IP/MAC addresses have access to your network, keeping unwanted devices and hackers out.

  • Expand Your Network as Your Workforce Grows

    The Linksys LGS528 28-Port Business Managed Gigabit Switch is designed to work seamlessly with other Linksys network switches for quick and reliable expansion of your network, creating multiple high-bandwidth trunks between switches to enhance availability and redundancy. Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) allows switches to communicate with each other to ensure there is only one active path between two network devices, preventing unwanted data loops which can slow down and potentially halt traffic on your network. When computer networks accumulate large amounts of broadcast and multicast traffic, this "broadcast storm" can consume network resources to the point where the network is unable to function properly. Storm Control features on the Linksys LGS528 intentionally cease forwarding of broadcast traffic in the event of a storm, allowing a network manager to diagnose and resolve the root of the problem.

    This Linksys Switch uses a built-in Web user interface for easy browser-based configuration. It offers Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) support and is EEE energy efficiency compliant.
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