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LINKSYS LGS308P 8-Port Business Smart Gigabit PoE+ Switch
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  • Smart Switch Prioritizes Traffic for Efficiency

    The Linksys LGS308P 8-Port Business Smart Gigabit PoE+ Switch manages the flow of data across your network, prioritizing traffic for efficient usage. Quickly access real-time applications like voice and video, or download large graphic/video files without slowing down the rest of the network. Thanks to IGMP snooping, IP multicast traffic is limited to the ports that requested it, which keeps your network operating at peak efficiency.

  • Power over Ethernet Plus for Cost Savings

    Save time and money with Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+), which allows the network cable to carry electrical power, simplifying installation and reducing electrical wiring costs. Place IP cameras or wireless access points where you need them most, without having to worry about the nearest power outlet.

    For increased system efficiency, this Linksys LGS308P 8-Port Business Smart Gigabit PoE+ Switch supports the latest 802.3at (PoE+) and is backward compatible with 802.3af (PoE). PoE+ provides extra power for each Gigabit Ethernet port, saving your business in operating costs.

  • Advanced Security Features Keep Your Network Protected

    Keep your network secure with the Linksys Smart Gigabit Switch security features. Port authentication and MAC-based port security requires clients to authenticate themselves before any data is passed, preventing unauthorized access to the network. DHCP snooping filters out invalid messages from untrusted sources, and IP-MAC binding functions help you protect your network from outside attacks.

  • Designed for Easy Network Expansion

    As your business expands, you can connect multiple switches to each other to suit your growing needs. The Linksys Smart Gigabit Switch is equipped with features like Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and Storm Control to keep you operating smoothly.

    STP helps keep performance steady by preventing cable loops when information is being sent between switches on the network. Storm Control also reduces slowed performance or loss of service by monitoring and suppressing traffic levels.

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