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TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 Series
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  • QNAP TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series supports Auto Tiering to deliver ongoing optimization of data across high-performance SSD, 12Gbps SAS drives and high-capacity SATA disks. Powered by an Intel® Xeon E3 CPU, the 40GbE-ready TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series delivers exceptional performance and supports cross-platform file sharing, comprehensive backup solutions, iSCSI & virtualization applications, and more practical business functions. With the powerful QTS operating system, the TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series performs as a reliable, scalable and unbeatable unified and tiered storage solution for businesses.
    3,800+ MB/s throughput and 260,000+ IOPS
    Qtier Technology drives Auto Tiering for optimal storage efficiency
    Built-in 256GB mSATA modules for caching, beneficial to IOPS-demanding applications
    Scalable design, up to 1,120 TB total capacity
    Virtualization-ready, centralized data storage, backup, sharing and disaster recovery
    Backward compatible with SAS/SATA 6Gbps drives
  • Enable Auto Tiering with Qtier Technology

    QNAP’s Qtier Technology empowers the TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series with Auto Tiering that helps continuously optimize storage efficiency. With Auto Tiering, the TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series can automatically move hot data to high-performance storage tiers and cold data to lower-cost, higher-capacity drives, making the TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series an extremely efficient shared resource. Businesses will no longer have to invest heavily in expensive Flash technology, but can still enjoy exceptional application performance and lower TCO of storage from Auto Tiering with the TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series.
  • 12Gbps DataBolt™ Advantage

    Implementing DataBolt technology, the TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series can deliver twice the throughput for 6Gbps SAS drives by automatically aggregating the bandwidth from 3Gbps and 6Gbps drives to fully utilize 12Gbps, effectively accelerating the existing infrastructure.
  • Superior performance

    The TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series supports 12Gbps SAS drives to provide fast data transmission speeds and drive up to 3,817 MB/s throughput and 260,441 IOPS*. Powered by an Intel® Xeon® E3 v3 quad-core processor with 16GB or 8GB DDR3 ECC RAM, the TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series greatly enhances the efficiency of CPU-demanding tasks and serves more concurrent tasks.

    *Tested in QNAP Lab. Figures may vary by environment.

    Test Environment:
    4 Client PC configurations: Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, Windows 7 professional 64-bit, Dual-port Intel X520 10GbE Server Adapter, IOMeter sequential read and write.

    NAS Configuration: Plextor PX-256MPro ; F/W:1.07, SSDs with RAID 5 configuration, QNAP LAN-10G2T-X550 dual-port 10GBase-T network adapter
  • SSD cache acceleration

    The TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series features 2 pre-installed 128GB mSATA modules, and there are no limits on using SSDs for caching. By installing high-performance SSDs, the IOPS performance of storage volumes can remarkably boost. It is perfect for improving overall workflow of random IOPS demanding applications such as database and virtualization. The internal cache port design reserves the space of hard drive tray for more storage capacity.
  • Combat the Ever Increasing Threat of Ransomware with QNAP’s Snapshot

    Ransomware has become a rising threat against business users because it targets computers and network-based devices. Consequently, snapshot is a must-to-have feature for modern storage systems. QNAP's storage-level snapshot* helps protecting your folders, files, and iSCSI LUN. In the event of malware attack or unwanted changes, your stored data can be revert and restored to a specific point in time.

    Check out the difference between QNAP's snapshot feature compared to the other brands' NAS on the market.

    *Minimum 4GB memory is required to enable snapshot on QNAP NAS with QTS 4.3.3 or an older version. Starting from QTS 4.3.4, minimum memory requirement is 1GB.

  • Removable motherboard drawer for easy maintenance

    With the TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2's series removable motherboard drawer, IT administrators have easier access in upgrading/installing RAM, the internal cache, 40GbE adapter and other components. The motherboard itself can be removed and replaced without needing to remove the heavy TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series from the rack cabinet, making it especially useful in maintaining the TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series in data centers with multiple rack cabinets.
  • 40GbE-ready

    The TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series offers four inbuilt Gigabit Ethernet ports and features two inbuilt 10GbE SFP+ ports to deliver 10 Gigabit high speed network. If 10GbE is insufficient for some workloads, the TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series supports Mellanox® ConnectX-3 Pro adapter cards with 10/40/56 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to deliver the most cost-effective computing and storage Ethernet Interconnection solution. It helps achieve significantly higher throughput for high-performance embedded I/O applications and virtualization acceleration. Businesses can greatly benefit from the fast, flexible storage network of the 40GbE-ready TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series for boosting their mission-critical IT performance.
  • Up to 5 year warranty

    QNAP's TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series offers 5 year warranty with 3-year global warranty inclusive at no extra cost. This premier warranty demonstrates QNAP’s attention to the essential business needs of continuous operations and non-interrupted services to their customers.
  • Volume & LUN snapshot simplifies restoration

    QTS Storage Manager adds an easy-to-use web-based snapshot tool for you to easily back up and restore data on the TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series back to any point of time to prevent loss of important data. You can take snapshots for both volumes and LUN, efficiently replicate volume/LUN snapshots to remote servers by copying only the changes made, and quickly clone a volume/LUN snapshot as a local volume without interrupting the current system operation. You can even set up the system to automatically take a snapshot of the volume before backup via RTRR/rsync, even when the file is opened.
  • Powerful QNAP flexible volume

    QNAP's flexible volume provides a more secure and flexible way to store NAS data. This next-generation volume offers powerful features such as storage pooling with multiple RAID group protection, thin provisioned volume with space reclaim, block-level iSCSI LUN, and online capacity expansion. The QTS Storage Manager neatly presents tools and options for managing system storage which simplifies the process of NAS capacity expansion and QNAP RAID expansion enclosure management.
  • Monitor and manage multiple NAS with Q'center

    Q'center turns your TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP series NAS into a central management system to manage multiple QNAP NAS units. After installing Q'center in the QTS App Center, you can use theTVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series NAS to centrally manage multi-site QNAP NAS for monitoring system logs, manage firmware updates & maintenance, and enjoy major benefits including ease-of-use, cost-efficiency, convenience and flexibility. Managing multiple QNAP NAS becomes effortlessly easy and efficient.
  • Container Station – LXC and Docker Containers inclusive

    QNAP Container Station exclusively integrates LXC and Docker lightweight virtualization technologies, allowing you to operate multiple isolated Linux systems on the TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2 series as well as download apps from the built-in Docker Hub Registry. It supports container import/export and permission settings, and features an informative dashboard and flexible user interface for you to manage multiple containers. You can experience the amazing Container Station and enjoy the playground of virtual containers with the TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP R2.
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