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10GbE Switch
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  • The QNAP QSW-1208-8C and QSW-804-4C are new 10GbE unmanaged switches that allow you to instantly upgrade your network environment at a cost-effective price. These switches support 10GBASE-T and NBASE-T standards, allowing you to take advantage of higher network speeds with your existing Cat 5e and 6a cables. Both SFP+ (fiber) and RJ45 (copper) ports are available for servicing a range of network needs. Compliant with IEEE 802.3az (Energy Efficient Ethernet, EEE), the QSW-1208-8C and QSW-804-4C are energy efficient as well. With high performance, low latency and superb functionality, the QNAP is the ideal choice for upgrading your home or business network to support 10GbE connections.

  • With NBASE-T support, existing cables can be used. Backwards compatibility is provided for legacy devices.

  • With a combination of SFP+ (fiber) and RJ45 (copper) ports, most 10GbE devices can take advantage of 10GbE connectivity provided by the QSW-1208-8C and QSW-804-4C.

  • IEEE 802.3az (EEE) helps to reduce power consumption for low-speed and inactive connections.

  • Faster Speeds Using Existing Cables with 10GBASE-T & NBASE-T

    QNAP's switches are compatible with 10GbE and NBASE-T technologies to provide higher transmission speeds with existing cables. Depending on cable types and their lengths, different speeds can be achieved for faster, more efficient data transfers. The QSW-1208-8C and QSW-804-4C are also backwards compatible to provide connectivity with legacy devices.

  • Flexible Deployment with Four Combo Ports

    The QSW-804-4C offers a combination of four SFP+ (fiber) ports and four combo SFP+/RJ45 (copper) ports, while the QSW-1208-8C offers four SFP+ ports and eight combo SFP+/RJ45 (copper) ports; this enables you to connect different interfaces to the same switch. With RJ45 interfaces, 10 GbE is supported with Cat 6a (or above) cables. Alternatively, direct attach copper (DAC) cables can be used with SFP+ ports for connecting to servers inside a rack. The switching capacity of the QSW-804-4C is 160 Gbps, and for the QSW-1208-8C it's 240Gbps, guaranteeing the full potential of each port.
  • Near-Silent and Energy Saving

    With a smart cooling system, QNAP's new switches work quietly to ensure high-speed network performance without generating distracting background noise. IEEE 802.3az (EEE) support also reduces power consumption without sacrificing performance or functionality. By dynamically detecting link speeds and activities and adjusting accordingly, QNAP switches provide energy savings of up to 50% to minimize lifetime operational costs.
  • Versatile Installation and Sleek Appearance

    The QSW-804-4C and QSW-1208-8C feature sleek modern designs that blend in with existing digital homes and offices. A Rackmount Kit is also included at no extra cost for installing the switch in a rack.

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