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  • What This Product Does

    The UH720 expands one USB port into seven, making it perfect for notebooks and 2-in-1 tablets with only a single USB connection. The hub's USB 3.0 ports operate up to 10x faster than USB 2.0 and work with all USB devices, including mice, keyboards, and printers. Two dedicated charging ports supply current to a range of mobile devices, letting gamers keep their controllers, smartphones, and tablets charging as they play.

  • High Speed Data Transfer

    Equipped with USB 3.0 ports, the Hub provides a data transfer rate of up to 5Gbps, 10x faster than USB 2.0.
  • Greatly Expand Your USB Ports

    The hub adds seven additional USB ports to your PC, saving you the trouble of constantly switching between devices.
  • Super-Fast Smart Charging

    Two 5V/2.4A charging ports supply optimal power for both iOS and Android mobile devices. An onboard chip intelligently identifies connected iOS and Android devices, adjusting power accordingly and allowing you to charge your devices quickly and easily.

    Note: The standard input of iOS and Android devices is 5V/1A for smart phones and 5V/2.1-2.4A for tablets.

  • Safe and Reliable

    The hub’s multiple safeguards help protect your connected devices from harm whether they’re transferring data or charging.
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