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My First Christmas Tree™ by Step2
  • Built-In Storage

    When playtime fun is done, the ornaments can sit neatly in the tree skirt’s recessed wells!
  • Kid-Friendly Decorating

    The kids’ Christmas tree stands at 33 in. tall, featuring curved plastic edges and ornaments designed for little hands.
  • Accessories Included

    A tree isn’t complete without its ornaments! Decorate with the included star topper, colorful ornaments, and toy train set.
  • Put-and-Take Play

    Little ones will flex their fine motor skills as they grasp and place the ornaments onto the tree!
  • Physical + Motor Skills Development

    Kids practice motor skill development by grasping and placing small accessories like the trains and ornaments, both during play and clean-up with the built-in storage on some toys.
  • Critical Thinking

    Running into problems during play (like a piece that doesn’t fit into its place smoothly at first or putting an arm piece where an eye should be) allows children to think through problems and craft solutions.
  • Language + Social Skills

    Mixing and matching pieces allows kids to engage in storytelling as they make up scenarios, and communicate with others about the combinations they make. Any new toy also expands a child's vocabulary -- learning new nouns like “tree”, “star” and “train”.
  • Creativity + Role Play

    Each time they play with a put-and-play toy, little one’s imaginations are engaged as they create new faces and combinations with accessories, and then make up stories to go along with what they create.
  • The Step2 Brand: We Bring Family Together.

    Kids are the dreamers, the storytellers, the athletes, artists, and actors. They’re the playtime visionaries ready to explore, think, and learn through uninhibited play. Our team at Step2 is proud to create new ways to play, to turn every child’s imaginary world into a reality. Behind those magical playtime spaces full of wonderment and exploration is one – or many – of our uniquely indestructible toys, from playhouses and play kitchens, to climbers, ride-ons and so much more. Part of multiple generations of play, we’re the innovators working to keep our tradition of active social play at the forefront of countless childhood memories.
    So keep playing, dreaming, and exploring with your child. Just imagine what they’ll imagine – that’s where we’ll be, continuing to bring “what could be” to life.
  • Play Together!

    • Engage your child during put-and-take play by having them name the shapes on each ornament as they place them onto the tree. Try naming the ornament colors and counting as they’re put onto the tree too!
    • Ball play is a great way to work on eye contact. Have your child pass the ornament to you, then wait for them to make eye contact with you before passing it back.
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