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Advanced Anti Colic Bottles
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  • 80% less colic **

    The Advanced Anti-Colic bottle is proven to reduce colic symptoms for less wind, less reflux and less fussing. The Advanced Anti-Colic bottle uses a unique venting system to draw air bubbles away from milk during feeding.

    *We consulted 210 parents who tried using Advanced Anti-Colic bottles to reduce their child’s colic symptoms, 80% of them agreed the bottle had successfully reduced the symptoms (June 2017)

  • Unique venting system designed to prevent colic

    Babies may develop colic symptoms if they take in too much air during feeding. With its unique anti-colic venting system, our Advanced Anti-Colic bottle helps stop air mixing with milk. Air is drawn through the vents in the venting wheel, down the venting tube and out of the star valve into the air space at the base of the bottle, meaning 80% fewer colic symptoms such as wind, reflux and fussing.
  • Changes colour if milk is too hot

    The venting tube has a heat sensing strip that changes colour if milk is too hot. Dip the tube for 10 seconds to see the feed temperature. A pink strip shows that the feed is too hot. Leave to cool down further before feeding your baby.
  • Breast-like shaped teat

    The breast-like shaped teat of our Advanced Anti-Colic Bottles allows babies to latch on easily and supports the transition between breast and bottle. The soft silicone teat feels closer to skin, and moves, flexes and stretches during feeding to mimic a natural breastfeeding action.
  • Always cool

    DO NOT make up a feed with boiled water straight from the kettle. Allow water to cool for 30 minutes before making up a feed. Or follow the instructions for your Perfect Prep machine.
  • Check the valve

    Check the star valve every time you clean it and before you make up a feed. If the slit in the star valve is sealed shut, pinch it gently between your fingers to re-open.

  • Stir – don’t shake

    Avoid shaking the bottle to mix the formula, as this can add air into the milk which can increase colic symptoms. We suggest that you stir the formula gently with a spoon to mix the feed. DO NOT shake the bottle with a full feed.
  • Don’t assemble when hot

    Placing the venting tube into boiling or hot liquid won’t damage it, but it may force liquid up the tube which can cause your bottle to leak when it’s assembled. DO NOT fully secure the anti-colic teat with screw ring to the bottle base when feed is too hot.

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