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Cool Maker – Sew N’ Style Machine
  • Give your aspiring designer everything they need to create stylish fashions with the Cool Maker Sew N’ Style Machine! This set comes with glitter fabrics, multi-colored style string, and chic accessories! Young designers can even take their creations to the next level using the pom pom maker! Get creative imagining and making unique fashions with this hands-on sewing set!
  • Accessorize with the Pom Pom Maker!

    Jazz up designs with the pom pom maker attachment! Located on the side of the Sew N’ Style Machine, this attachment helps you create colorful pom poms that add style to any design! Tie pom poms to the glitter pouch or hair clip holder for a trendy look!
  • Create Using Sparkly Fabrics!

    Fashion-forward designers are sure to love the glitter fabric included in this set! Young creators can easily add sparkle to new designs with this stylish material! Invent your own creation or use the playbook (included) to create a glitter pouch – a fashionable way to store and keep your trendy things!
  • Easy and Safe to Use!

    The Sew N’ Style Machine is easy and safe for kids to use! A protective needle guard surrounds the top of the machine, so little hands are completely safe during the creative process! Just like a grown-up sewing machine, the Sew N’ Style Machine has a light, string guide for looping thread, storage drawer and seam guide! Kids will be able to easily work all the features for independent and creative play!
  • What's In The Box/Battery Requirements:

    • 1 Cool Maker Sew N’ Style Machine
    • 2 Sheets of Glitter Fabric
    • 2 Cool Maker Pre-Cut Projects
    • 1 Sheet of Cool Maker Felt Fabric
    • 3 Cool Maker Decorative Fabric Pieces
    • 1 Page of Pop-Out Patterns
    • 1 Pom Pom Maker Attachment
    • 1 Piece of Stretch Fabric
    • 1 Bag of Stuffing
    • 1 Elastic
    • 1 Spool of Ribbon (3/8”x 50”)
    • 1 Spool of Style String (252”)
    • 2 Spools of Pom Pom Yarn (96”/bundle)
    • 1 Playbook
    • 4 AA batteries required (not included)
  • Get Creative with Cool Maker!

    Cool Maker gives aspiring designers all the tools needed to make amazing creations they’ll be proud to share. Our Cool Maker sets are made by real designers who look at the latest trends in fashion and design for inspiration. We’ve got everything from how-to videos, vlogs and an engaging website to inspire your next creation! Become a Cool Maker, you’ll be amazed at what you create next.
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